Four tips for Android candy crush

Candy Crush Saga is not as easy as it seems since to overcome the more than 1000 levels of the game is not exactly to sew and sing. When the beginning the first thing that impresses is to see the number of levels you have to overcome to be crowned as one of the first players to reach that goal.

But quiet in this article will find the solution below listed a series of tricks, to be the real number one of the saga Candy Crush. These Saga Candy Crush tips will help you pass all the levels in the game.

You can see that the game in the very first time will be easy, but do not be fooled, as the world’s levels go by, Candy Crush will increase its level of difficulty and if you do not know how to use the tools you have, you will end up eliminating the game, and you will feel frustrated.

Save your special sweets

The first advice is for beginners, do not use the free amplifiers that you get in the first levels until you reach the later levels.

Most people will use them as soon as they can but you should not. Once you reach the later levels, you will want to have them.

At least you should try and save them for one of the most difficult first levels, for example, level 70 of Candy Crush.

This way you will have much more success at the time of playing, and you will not have to use real money to buy the precious Booster that you will need at specific moments of the game.

Crush sweets at the bottom

For most levels, crushing the candy in the bottom is one of the best srategies because you will have more options to  have new candies.

There are exceptions to this as you progress through the game. The reason is that when you play from below you have more chances of getting a combination on the top of the board.

Many special candies are prepared automatically when you crush the lower candies.

Know where it is

If you press ‘Exit’ on a level, it will tell you how much gelatin you have left before completing the level. You will have the option to play and continue the game so that you can check your progress at any time.

Rearrange your board

At the moment you start the game, you won’t be satisfied with the design, do not hesitate to rearrange the board. Before making any movement on a level, you can exit the level and re-enter the level, and you ill shuffled the board.

Taking into account every one of these tips, the game will be much more bearable and more personalized for you. Something very good that has Candy Crush is that it makes you feel more and more eager to continue playing.