Things you do not know about Candy Crush

Every week hundreds of applications arrive in digital stores, all of them wanting to become the new Candy Crush.

And it is not for nothing the game has become a scale to measure the success of an app, since it is still the most downloaded applications and, like others, it became a global phenomenon.

And it was impossible not to see anyone with the phone in hand that was not moving candies, gummies and virtual refreshments to the sound of the hypnotic and relaxing BSO of the game.

The inaugural game of the franchise, Candy Crush Saga, created by Sebastian Knutsson and a small team in Stockholm, was launched for mobile phones in November 2012. With more than 2,800 levels and rising, more than 1.1 billion games have been played in global

Five years later two new games have been released as part of the franchise, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

To commemorate this fifth anniversary, King has released game updates in addition to giving players the most powerful booster to date within a Party Booster. Players will receive two free boosters eliminating all the candies on the board and damaging each blocker at one time.

Also, when the play is over, the booster effect will continue with a round of help candies: a striped candy, a wrapped candy, a colored bomb, and a fish. Each of these will explode immediately.

You can enjoy the Party Booster from level 29 onwards, from November 14 to November 23 through iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows.

What time do you play Candy Crush?

Each one has its particular moment of the day in which to dedicate a while to the app. And according to the King’s statistics, the daily active users of King spend an average of 36 minutes a day playing. The most popular day to play is Thursday; and the most popular time for players is from 15 h to 16 h and from 20 h to 21 h.

More Swipes than in Tinder

Being tactile, the movement of sliding your finger on the screen is the basis of its playability. Each day an amount of swipe is made in the game equivalent to a distance of 115,000 km. Almost three times the circumference of the Earth, or the equivalent of running 2,725 marathons.

More points than we will ever do

Presuming how far we have come and the amount of points we have earned in Candy Crush is something we have fixed if we are good at it. But as good as we play, surely we have it complicated to reach the maximum recorded. And it is that the highest score in Candy Crush Saga is crazy: 1,999,259,792 million points.

More candies than those launched by the Magi

To date, 350 billion candies of all colors have slipped. If these candies were real, each person in the world would have given almost half a million candies each.