You can now download Candy Crush Friends Saga in 3D

We cannot deny that one of the most successful games of recent years is Candy Crush. This application fascinated gamers of all ages, countries and social status. Few titles have reached this impact. And now we get the latest version.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is available internationally now, a new version of the favorite candy game that requests us to performance with the new mechanism, characters, and levels.

Enjoy the 3D characters with new powers

The most significant changes of Candy Crush are that the characters we previously recognize, will now be made in 3D and will be able to relate with us using their magic powers.

For this, we must collect a particular type of candy, which will activate these powers.

You can personalize these characters with outfits that we can acquire or that can touch us in the daily rewards. As in other titles, in Candy Crush Friends Saga we will have free items just for playing daily. This makes users spend more time playing, as is obvious.

The famous path that is guiding us phase by phase has also changed. Animations and 3D elements give the game a pretty fresh air.

Multiple game modes

Although there are certainly expansions that extend this figure, at launch the game will have 380 different phases. Although the novelty in this section is in the game modes.

In Release the octopuses we will have to break the caramels that trap them. You have to seek the animals, and then you have to remove the characters from the candy cages.

The third way is called Extend the Marmalade, and our mission will be to expand marmalade by covering as many blocks as possible.

In Submerge the Cookie we will change and combine candies to move the cookies to the chocolate.

Finally, we have to Collect the Hearts, modality in which we must fill the molds with a heart shape and then collect them.Click here to download

Enjoy the different levels in Candy Crush Friends Saga

Level of mammoths

In these levels, you will have to release these prehistoric animals that you will see locked in under the ice. For this, you will have to make the usual combinations of three candies right next to the blocks of ice to defrost them. Once thawed, you will have to redo a combination to pick it up. You must collect them all before you exhaust your movements.

Level of the octopuses

The octopuses are trapped in cubes and cannot move. You must make combinations on your side to unlock them and be able to save them. A level with an added difficulty concerning the previous one.

Level of cookies

A new level of the game in Candy Crush Saga. You will have to lower the cookie to the chocolate line. Then, you will have to make combinations next to the cookie so that it is completely submerged.

Level extends the jam

You must make combinations so that the jam that is under the tiles extends along the game board. A level that is progressively becoming easier.